Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something Fishy

I got home yesterday to find this sticker on my front door: I was a little skeptical of this statement especially considering the source (PETA) so I decided to do a little research and here are my findings:

Supporting Evidence:
  • None

Contrary Evidence:

  • Where were the fish when I needed help moving? Under water somewhere.
  • Fish are delicious.
  • Fish are full of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fish eat other fish. They are even food for themselves!


  • Fish make really shitty friends.
  • Fish are not only food but really good food.
  • Dirty hippies love stickers.


Winter said...


Once when my friend Tom came home there was a note on the door of his apartment that said "Kill Whitey"

He had very cheap rent.

Natalie said...

man i love fish but that is just lame. I hate those peta people.

Grant Miller said...

I evolved from a fish.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I have a pet fish (Jude).

He didn't lift a single box when I moved last month.


Michael K said...

Winter: Unlike the fish saving movement, I fully support the "Kill Whitey" campaign.

Natalie: I don't hate the Peta people. I hate the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths. Some of the stuff they say is like "Seven Monkeys" stuff.

Grant: My grandmother was a bass.

3rd: Your fish is lazy and PETA would classify your ownership of him as "animal slavery". Next time you move, you put that bastard to work and live up to your slave owning reputation.

Natalie said...

I hate them because they take a potential good cause and muck it up with crazy talk. However, I am sure some are perfectly nice people.

Winter said...

I myself enough crazy people.

Winter said...

I myself enjoy crazy people is what I meant to write.

See because I am one of them.