Friday, January 27, 2006

You may have noticed a group of men pruning trees in the neighborhood over the last few days. I am glad for the work as it helps keep the trees healthy but they didn't take the branches away. They left them where they fell and it doesn't appear that they have any intention to come back for them. I saw a few green trucks but forget the name of the company. Did anyone else happen to catch the name? I wold like to contact them about the mess they made.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everyone has seen the scrap metal collectors driving around with their trucks piled high with all manner of things. Old appliances, computer shells, and bed frames stacked 10 feet high. I worry that this is dangerous but don't report it because I know these folks need to make a living. Making the life of someone (who obviously is having a hard time already) more difficult is not something I will readily do. Problem is, I have seen questionable merchandise tossed up in the back of these trucks. I saw what looked like a few brand new ovens in a truck today that I fear were stolen from a construction site. In the past I have seen a bike rack in a truck with bikes still locked to it. On another occasion, I saw a truck stacked high with wheel chairs. I called the police on my cell phone when I saw that one. Stealing from building sites is one thing but stealing from a hospital is low.

My question is, "Should I call the police when I see these things?" Am I risking sending a person to jail and ruining a family? I wish I could approach the drivers and ask but worry that I will end up in a fight or worse. If anyone else has had any experience in these matters, your comments are very welcome.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

There has been a lot of activity in Jarvis square recently. They have been putting in new flooring and installed a counter at what will soon be a coffee shop and are painting the walls in the storefront to the north. The new grocery has new windows and I have seen that they're bringing in coolers and other equipment already. The sound of construction in what will soon be a restaurant in the old liquor store space has also been heard. Rogers Bark pet salon seems to be doing good business and the new theater space is also coming together. All this new business makes feel very good about the economic health of the neighborhood. Most people I know around here have been complaining for years that we need new businesses that people can go to. New buisiness means more tax dollars and hopefully continued improvement. Nothing attracts money like money.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Idle hands are the barber's playground. Or something like that. Since I am no longer looking for a job and I have a few weeks before I start my new job, I have decided to grow a beard. I will document its progress by photographing it each day. On the day before I start work, I will shave it off in increments and create as many different facial hair fashions as possible. Once the project is complete, I'll post the photos for all to see. Unfortunately, I will be shaving my neck so I will not be able to demonstrate the Grady from Sanford and Son full neck beard. Keep in mind that this project is only going to last a few weeks so it might not get that long. More soon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The fellow who exposes himself at Arbour House did it to me today and then proceeded to urinate in the yard. I called the police and they came and spoke with him. They think he may not have a legitimate mental problem as he seems to understand that what he is doing is wrong but malingers well enough that they could not make an arrest. Their exact words were, "We'd like to bring this guy in but if we did our Lt. would have us working the South Side tomorrow."

They said that we should call on every infraction we see and encourage our neighbors to do so as well. If enough complaints are received they'll be forced to clean up their act. They said that while in the building they saw a guy they arrested a few days ago for drug posession. They got the very distinct impression that the facility will diagnose most anyone with a mental handicap in order to have them admitted and have seen it before. They make money by having people in the facility. It is terrible to think that some of the gentle souls that inhabit that building are being constantly exposed to criminals. Please call 911 and ask to speak with an officer any time something shady is going on. Thank you.