Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The fellow who exposes himself at Arbour House did it to me today and then proceeded to urinate in the yard. I called the police and they came and spoke with him. They think he may not have a legitimate mental problem as he seems to understand that what he is doing is wrong but malingers well enough that they could not make an arrest. Their exact words were, "We'd like to bring this guy in but if we did our Lt. would have us working the South Side tomorrow."

They said that we should call on every infraction we see and encourage our neighbors to do so as well. If enough complaints are received they'll be forced to clean up their act. They said that while in the building they saw a guy they arrested a few days ago for drug posession. They got the very distinct impression that the facility will diagnose most anyone with a mental handicap in order to have them admitted and have seen it before. They make money by having people in the facility. It is terrible to think that some of the gentle souls that inhabit that building are being constantly exposed to criminals. Please call 911 and ask to speak with an officer any time something shady is going on. Thank you.

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