Thursday, January 19, 2006

There has been a lot of activity in Jarvis square recently. They have been putting in new flooring and installed a counter at what will soon be a coffee shop and are painting the walls in the storefront to the north. The new grocery has new windows and I have seen that they're bringing in coolers and other equipment already. The sound of construction in what will soon be a restaurant in the old liquor store space has also been heard. Rogers Bark pet salon seems to be doing good business and the new theater space is also coming together. All this new business makes feel very good about the economic health of the neighborhood. Most people I know around here have been complaining for years that we need new businesses that people can go to. New buisiness means more tax dollars and hopefully continued improvement. Nothing attracts money like money.


Roswell's Cousin said...

I occasionally get off at the Jarvis stop in the evening, and I notice less loitering. Maybe the Potin Stil is having an effect. I hope the restaurant does well.

Michael K said...

I think the biggest improvement was the liquor store closing. The bar helps too becaus their are people sitting in the windows allthe time. I also know that the fella who is opening the grocery is a former cop. Perhaps he has his buddies keeping an eye on things?