Sunday, July 30, 2006

Attention Nerds

I don't think this is a avery difficult problem but I recently had to wipe my hard rive clean and start anew on my laptop. Since then I have lost the ability to play DVDs on this friggin' thing. Anybody know what software I need to download? I have done some preliminary searches and downloaded a few programs that did not work. Please help. I am too busy/lazy to spend a lot of time on this.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

John Stamos is NOT a Beach Boy

The Beach Boys played Ravinia last night and there was a lot of buzz over whether or not Brian Wilson would be joining the group. I was skeptical to say the least but I was totally unprepared for what was to come. John (fuckin') Stamos was front and center for some of the performance. After the "You must be shitting me." reaction, I caught the early train back to the city. If I'd heard Stamos belt out a few of my favs, they'd be ruined forever as the joke the Boys have become. Fuck you, Mike Love!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Break Down

Each day, on my way to work, I walk down the bike path between the train staion and Ravinia park. Today, I came across a man sitting on a bench. I could see a bike lying on the ground not far away. He asked if I had a cell phone and if I could call 911. It was then that I looked down and saw a leg that was obviously broken. I called 911 and an ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. A fire truck came too which seemed odd for a cycling accident but that's not important.

I was thinking later how helpless we both seemed while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. I was asking if there was anything I could do to make him more comfortable and did he want a drink of my water. He said he just wanted to remain still. After a minute, I went and got his bike just so I had something to do other than stand there and stare at the guy. After a few minutes more people using the path started to gather and I felt a little better that I had someone to talk to. I told everyone 911 had been called and that they should give him some space.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm No Sherlock Holmes But...

I was taking a walk and developed a theory about the folks who named the streets in Rogers Park. They may have been pranksters. There are two streets that rhyme with names for male and female genitalia; Estes and Lunt. I'll let you figure it out. There is only one street that lies between them, Greenleaf. That is a rather clever coincidence. I am going to see if I can find further evidence in other street names.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Christmas in July

I recently noticed that there is a nativity scene in the yard of a building 2 blocks west of me on Lunt. It is enclosed by plastic and has little Santa lights hanging above it. It is never turned on and moisture builds up on the plastic on hot days. It is exceedingly creepy and the unkempt yard only adds to the effect. Does anyone know who the building owner is? I'd like to ask that they take it down or offer to help them take it down if they are unable.

I know there is an upcoming neighborhood meeting to discuss problem buildings but I have to work and will be unable to attend. If someone could mention this at that meeting, it would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I came across a show on VH1 tonight detailing America's obsession with plastic surgery. I've never been a supporter of it except in cases of correcting a deformity or wound but the crap they showed tonight made me feel sick. A woman spent a shitload of money to have her toes shortened so that she could spend a shitload of money on designer shoes that would not come in her size otherwise.

I want to get on a plane and go to this woman's house to slap her in her fake face. The song "Holiday in Cambodia" comes to mind when these issues come up. Why do we feel it acceptable to live luxurious lives and throw money to the wind when others go without? How can I complain about and spend a fortune to correct my nose when there are kids missing their faces in war torn Africa?

I am not a saint. I do not give all my spare income to charity. I actually try and save for my future and my future family but the idea of spending so much on vanity is sickening. Not just on surgery but on homes and cars and other needless excesses. I have nice things but they are quality and will last long enough to justify their price. I don't have diamond encrusted cell phones that will be outdated and out of fashion in 3 weeks.

Not all of these people are moneyed. Some of them put this shit on credit cards or take out loans. What can these folks be thinking when they get a second mortgage for the removal of a second chin?

Throwing money away on vanity is the worst thing we can do as a people. We can help so many by only buying what we need with a few indulgences to reward our hard work and the work of others. We can help so many by living with what we need and helping our communities. Instead of having a mansion that isolates me from the masses who have nothing, why not live in a modest home and help the masses? Noone is going to come asking for things if they already have them.

I know I just came off as a total socialist but I got a ride home from a few immigrant workers that work for me tonight when the train was late. We drove on Sheridan most of the way past row on row of mansions and we had a talk about wealth. We decided that we were happier embracing our friends and families and living humbly than these wealthy folks who have to spend all their time focused on money and status. I was really inspired by them. These are truly great people.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Good Night

A very busy night at the restaurant tonight. We served over 500 in about 2 1/2 hours. Incredibly busy and everything went great. Lots of compliments from people and we never ran out of anything. I was really inpressed with my kids. They have really turned the corner and understand what we need to do every day. I was really proud of them.

I think I have turned a corner as a leader as well. These kids have taught me a lot about how to lead. They are so green that I need to teach them everything. I have never worked with people who needed so much guidance. There have been some rough moments in the last month or so but I am really starting to feel that they understand me and me them.

I am pushing to get them a little congratulatory BBQ tomorrow as a thank you. We have an early show and will be done by 6. I want them to understand how much I appreciate a busy night done right. I give them cheers every night to encourage them but tonight was exceptional and I really want them to know this is the standard I've been looking for.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Punchy Drunk

I was walking home tonight when I encountered a man dressed like it was winter. I saw him from about half a block away. He was swaying and mumbling. Obviously he was drunk and I could get past him without trouble. As I approached him he looked up and mumbled some unintelligible crap. He took a swing at me that was telegraphed and easily blocked. I knocked him against the fence of the neighboring yard and that's when I realized he was all beat up. I guess I was not the first person he had taken a swing at recently.

After calling 911, the police showed up and asked if I was the one who did this to him. I explained what happened and they were satisfied. An ambulance was called and I went home. I felt kind of bad when I got home for not sticking around to find out what would happen to the guy. I used to have a friend who liked to fight when he drank and this fella reminded me of him a little. I always took care of him and made sure he got home OK. I guess I felt the need to take care of this poor guy too.