Sunday, July 30, 2006

Attention Nerds

I don't think this is a avery difficult problem but I recently had to wipe my hard rive clean and start anew on my laptop. Since then I have lost the ability to play DVDs on this friggin' thing. Anybody know what software I need to download? I have done some preliminary searches and downloaded a few programs that did not work. Please help. I am too busy/lazy to spend a lot of time on this.

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Fuzzy Logic said...

Okay, chances are you are missing the codec to play DVDs. Codecs aren't free usually by themselves, but they do come with various software programs.

Did you use to have a DVD player installed in your PC that you don't have now?

I assume you are trying to use Windows Media Player to play the DVDs. If before you had another DVD player installed, Windows Media Player could have used the codec from that program to play DVDs.

I really don't have a link to point you to and say "download this" but try browsing through some of these links if you don't have a DVD player application to reinstall.