Monday, July 10, 2006


I came across a show on VH1 tonight detailing America's obsession with plastic surgery. I've never been a supporter of it except in cases of correcting a deformity or wound but the crap they showed tonight made me feel sick. A woman spent a shitload of money to have her toes shortened so that she could spend a shitload of money on designer shoes that would not come in her size otherwise.

I want to get on a plane and go to this woman's house to slap her in her fake face. The song "Holiday in Cambodia" comes to mind when these issues come up. Why do we feel it acceptable to live luxurious lives and throw money to the wind when others go without? How can I complain about and spend a fortune to correct my nose when there are kids missing their faces in war torn Africa?

I am not a saint. I do not give all my spare income to charity. I actually try and save for my future and my future family but the idea of spending so much on vanity is sickening. Not just on surgery but on homes and cars and other needless excesses. I have nice things but they are quality and will last long enough to justify their price. I don't have diamond encrusted cell phones that will be outdated and out of fashion in 3 weeks.

Not all of these people are moneyed. Some of them put this shit on credit cards or take out loans. What can these folks be thinking when they get a second mortgage for the removal of a second chin?

Throwing money away on vanity is the worst thing we can do as a people. We can help so many by only buying what we need with a few indulgences to reward our hard work and the work of others. We can help so many by living with what we need and helping our communities. Instead of having a mansion that isolates me from the masses who have nothing, why not live in a modest home and help the masses? Noone is going to come asking for things if they already have them.

I know I just came off as a total socialist but I got a ride home from a few immigrant workers that work for me tonight when the train was late. We drove on Sheridan most of the way past row on row of mansions and we had a talk about wealth. We decided that we were happier embracing our friends and families and living humbly than these wealthy folks who have to spend all their time focused on money and status. I was really inspired by them. These are truly great people.


Thomas Westgard said...

You seem worried that people will see you as being a political lefty. Embrace your Marxist self!

Michael K said...

I guess I am concerned with coming off as an extremist, which I am not. I want people to have nice things and be comfortable. I just don't want it to come at the expense of someone else going without.

You want a nose job? Pay a homeless man's rent for three months. You want a pair of $2000 dollar shoes? Fine, but make half the cost go to charities.

Thomas Westgard said...

From each according to ability, to each according to need? [gasp]