Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Good Night

A very busy night at the restaurant tonight. We served over 500 in about 2 1/2 hours. Incredibly busy and everything went great. Lots of compliments from people and we never ran out of anything. I was really inpressed with my kids. They have really turned the corner and understand what we need to do every day. I was really proud of them.

I think I have turned a corner as a leader as well. These kids have taught me a lot about how to lead. They are so green that I need to teach them everything. I have never worked with people who needed so much guidance. There have been some rough moments in the last month or so but I am really starting to feel that they understand me and me them.

I am pushing to get them a little congratulatory BBQ tomorrow as a thank you. We have an early show and will be done by 6. I want them to understand how much I appreciate a busy night done right. I give them cheers every night to encourage them but tonight was exceptional and I really want them to know this is the standard I've been looking for.

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