Tuesday, August 01, 2006


On my way home tonight I passed the Aragon and the marquee read, "Miller Temp. 107." Thank you to the folks at Miller for announcing that hell on earth has arrived.

I spent the last few days at the beach but it was pretty brutal. The only way to stay cool was to stay in the water as there was no breeze off the lake at all. Dead calm. This also meant the water was a bit warm. I think this led to a higher than usual level of water born bacteria which in turn led to a higher level of Michael born bacteria. There are dark forces at work in my lower intestinal areas today. Made for a real fun train ride.

I have to take a few movies to the mailbox. It's 2 doors down. Let's hope I don't have a heat stroke on the way.


edP said...

Dude, Mike Love is stalking you.

The Old Dog said...

You unoriginal, repeatin' bastard!

I did the whole "picture of the sun 'cuz it's so hot" thing more than a week ago!

I'm not even going to read this fucking post, you dirtbag!

Michael K said...

That's not the sun. That's my left one.