Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Some of you might know that I survived a serious hospitalization due to a heart problem about 5 years ago. I am having problems again but think I can overcome them once more. I want to thank everyone who has wished me well. I am going to kick this latest fight in the ass. I am fighting for myself and everybody else with my illness. I am going to kick this but I may be a little absent due to my meds and the "off" feeling I get from them. If I don't post or make a remark that is a little odd, please mark it up to low blood pressure.

I am letting everyone know so that you know that I may be hard to reach me from time to time.

I love you all,



kroushlconflict said...

Good luck, feel better!

Prairie Dawg said...

Heart, keep pumping!

Thomas Westgard said...

Hey, howzit going?

edP said...

Goo luck Michael. I hope you like the Doctors and they treat you right.

You have the right attitude here in the blog at least...you are going to beat this thing and have good heart health.

RPneighbor said...

wishing you well.

bigsoda said...

Hey, Buddy. Stay strong. Keep us posted.