Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Allow Me To Be Fully Candid

From the AP: The Justice Department's former White House liaison denied Wednesday that she played a major role in the firings of U.S. attorneys last year and blamed Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty for misleading Congress about the dismissals.

McNulty's explanation, on Feb. 6, "was incomplete or inaccurate in a number of respects," Monica Goodling told a packed House Judiciary Committee inquiry into the firings.

She added: "I believe the deputy was not fully candid."

Can we stop using terms like "not fully candid", "misleading statements" and "incomplete or inaccurate"? These motherfuckers are lying. McNulrty lied to congress. He committed purjury. Alberto Gonzales also lied to congress. He committed purjury. Why do people lie to congress? Because they probably did something illegal that they cannot recall. What is it? We may never know because they keep lying and for some reason we have yet to call them on it.

I am hoping that Godling dishes with the facts at some point since she has been given some protection from prosecution in exchange for her testimony. I am hoping but I kind of doubt it.

Also, when will Washington learn that having girls named Monica involved in politics is a recipe for disaster?


Winter said...

I love her hair.

Michael K said...

I guess it's OK. She's got enough base on to spackle the wrinkles in an elephant's ass though. MEOW!

Winter said...

Hey how do you know words like "base"?

Michael K said...

Should I have said "foundation?" Actually, I used to have a bit of a fascination with the contents of girlfrieds' purses and what all the stuff was for. Also, I was in community theatre and had to know the basics of cosmetic application.

eyesoneastlake said...

i love it when blondes lose their eyebrows and have to pencil them in.

really classy.

and i prefer... flesh colored liquid.

i've NEVER used the stuff. ack!!

Michael K said...

eastlake: She is obviously a classy lady. Look at her navy suit. It just says class... of 1982.