Monday, May 07, 2007

The Queen is Fed

GW: We are going to have one hell of a shindig in your honor tonight, Your Highness.

Liz: But Mr. President, shouldn't you be talking to the generals after one of the bloodiest weekends yet in Iraq?

GW: Nah. You see we got this surge goin' over there and I just know that because I decided to do it, it will work. I got a personal relationship with the Lord and he talks through... uh... I mean to me.

Liz: Really there's no need to make such a fuss over me.

GW: Look, Queenie, any time an irrelevant figurehead monarch comes to town, I feel obligated to drop a few mil of taxpayer's money on a gala white tie dinner. Ya got me? It's no problem whatsoever. Now tell me, how'd ya like the horsey races?

Liz: I was very distracted and saddened by the news reports of the terrible storms that tore through Kansas. Don't you think you should be on the phone making sure FEMA doesn't turn this into another terrible gaff like New Orleans?

GW: Never happen. These are white people we're talkin' about. White Kansans. These people still think I am doin' a bang up job in Iraq. Things get rough, I go down there make a little speech. Culture of life this. Terry Schiavo that. Support the troops! That place is like one big yellow ribbon magnet.

Liz: Right, right. I've got a similar arrangement with doll collecting suburban American women.

GW: Let's party.

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Natalie said...

That was exactly how i would have imagined that conversation going. particularly the part about white Kansas people