Sunday, May 20, 2007

There's No Such A Thing As A Free Meal

I went out last week with a few people from work for dinner. I don't go out much as I am trying to save money so that I can buy a condo again next year. I hate renting.

Anyways, we were out and I ordered a few things and I think I spent way too much money considering the strict budget I have put myself on. I spent as much on myself as you would expect to pay for 3 people in an average restaurant. The food was fantastic but I felt guilty for the indulgence later.

I was going over my account on line today and realized that the charge for my dinner has yet to post to my account. I would expect a few days delay over a weekend but it's been over a week and still nothing. I called my friends and asked if they had been charged with my tab. They said no but that their bills had posted to their accounts. One person even uses the same bank I do.

I feel kind of guilty getting something for nothing even if I know the place we went to makes money hand over fist but still. I always worry that some poor waiter got stiffed cuz they fucked up the paperwork or that somebody else was charged for my meal. So even though I am making out at the bank, I am paying with my conscience. Stupid conscience.


Winter said...

I love free stuff.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I've paid for all of my luckiest life moments with my guilty conscience.

Though if this "free" meal had been mine, I'd spend a few days feeling guilty, only to eventually be charged for it anyway. Probably double.

So... hopefully that doesn't happen to you.

And if it doesn't... I just gave you something to feel grateful for. Perhaps that will help alleviate the guilty conscience?

Natalie said...

It could always post at a really unfortunate time for you when you just have forgot about it and spent most of your money and then BAM! Overdraft out of the blue.

Michael K said...

Winter: What's no to like?

3rd and Natalie: Thanks for the premonitions of doom.

Grant Miller said...

I'm sorry you have a conscience.

Michael K said...

The charge went through this morning. So I felt guilty for 2 weeks AND had to pay for it. Shit.