Monday, May 14, 2007

Iced Espresso Shakes

I had to run a few errands before I went to the gym yesterday and decided to grab a little treat for myself. I thought, "Hey you're going to the gym to work it off. What's the big fuckin' deal?" So I go to Panera (I know it's lame but it was right there) and I get my self this espresso ice cream shake thingy. Drink in hand I head on out to finish my errands.

I have been laying off the caffeine lately so by the time I got to the gym I was feeling a little edgy. Actually, I was feeling like a meth addict. I worked out for about an hour but was still feeling energetic by the time I got to my usual stopping point. I decided to keep going. A half hour on the bike, another chest and shoulder press exercise. Why not hit the lat machine again?

It was at this point that I started to recall a story a friend of mine tells about doing a bunch of coke in high school and then doing arm curls in his room for hours trying to work it out of his system. He describes his inability to put down his atrophied arms in the morning as "looking like a T-Rex." I decide I better give it up for the day.

I walked home from Lakeview to Logan Square, cleaned my house, went grocery shopping, did laundry and finally started to feel normal at about half way through 60 Minutes. I was really glad because listening to Andy Rooney while tweekin' is probably dangerous. Seriously, my head would friggin' explode.

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Winter said...

I have got to do more drugs.