Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Enough With The Bugs Already

A transcript from ABC News:

Charlie: Well, Diane it appears that another 17 years have gone by and the cicadas are emerging from the ground once again in swarms across the mid-west.

Diane: That's right, Charlie and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by chowing down on some of those bad boys!

Charlie: What a fabulous idea. How do you like yours prepared?

Diane: Oh, no! I'm not eating that shit but I bet we can find a few struggling newbies to gulp down a bunch of those fucks.

Charlie: You are so right. Let's go now to the poor bastard in Illinois we found to tell everybody they taste like chicken or asparagus or some shit like that.

Well, maybe it didn't go exactly like that on camera but behind the scenes I'm pretty sure that's how it went down.

Let's get back to some real news now. OK?


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I've been tired of hearing about these guys myself. They've been taking top billing on the news for, what, two weeks now?

Prairie Dawg said...

I have yet to see them.

So how do they taste?

Grant Miller said...

I haven't seen one. I pray it stays that way.