Monday, April 02, 2007

Crooked Wheels

I love riding my bike so when it was stolen a few weeks ago, I was devastated. Really, I actually worry about my bike and hope whoever has it now treats her good. I am practical though and can't go without a bike on a warm day. I got a new for me used bike yesterday.

I had been looking for a bike for a few weeks on Craigslist and eBay. I bid on a couple and inquired about a few only to find that they were already sold or I was outbid. Started to get ready to head on down to Target and buy a piece of shit Huffy when a really nice Schwinn came to my attention for a ridiculously low price. I called the guy and he told me where he lived and to call again when I got there.

So I head on down to the meeting spot and call the guy again expecting him to come out of the building I am standing in front of. After a few minutes, I see some fella walking down the street from the opposite corner with a bike. As he gets closer, I realize that this is the bike I came to see. "Why would he meet me on some anonymous corner not by his home?", I thought, "Maybe there is something wrong with the bike and that is why it is so cheap and he doesn't want someone coming to his house to return it." He is now right in front of me.

"Michael?", he asks.
"Yeah, that's me."
"Nice to meet you."

The guy I was supposed to meet went by Dave over the phone.

We shake hands and talk a little about the bike while I inspect it. The bike has a few minor scratches but is otherwise like new. I take it for a quick spin and put it through its paces but still no apparent flaws. "Why is it so cheap?", I think again and again. Now, at some point it occurs to me that the bike is stolen but how do you ask a guy if he is a thief? I decide to ask him why he is selling it. He says he is just selling it for a buddy of his who does not have a computer and can't list it himself.

I look the bike over again and make idle chit chat while I try to absolve myself from any moral fault.

Devil on shoulder: This bike is f'n sweet!
Angel: This is ill begotten loot to be sure. Doth thou want to support a man that thine own self doth revile so?
Devil: This bike is sooo f'n sweet.

I bought the bike.

To whomever the rightful owner of this bike is, I promise to take good care of her.

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Natalie said...

Every bike my Boyfriend has ever had was stolen and he has got his share of cheap probably stolen bikes in return. So it goes.