Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Interesting Walk

I was in the mood to paint today so I decided to scoot on over to the nearest art supply store I could find (thanks Google) and was caught in the rain. I quickly took cover under the awning of a nearby building. After a few seconds I smelled smoke. I thought, "Please don't let my sanctuary be on fire." I turned around and realized that the doorway I was in led to a restaurant called Honey1 BBQ. Seeing as I had to wait out the storm and have been taking pretty good care of myself lately, I decided to treat myself to a cholesterol festival.

I looked at the menu and decided to go for the old stand by and my gold standard of barbecue, the pulled pork sandwich. They serve their's with slaw and sauce and it is awesome. I liked it so much that I ate all my fries because I wanted to savor every last bit of that sauce. Superb. Get over there if you can.

Once I got to the art store I was really happy. It is called so I guess they do mostly online business but they have a very friendly staff that will help you with anything. They have the cheapest prices for art supplies in the city that I have found.

Finally, I wanted to mention something that became apparent to me on my trip. I was wearing my sweats when I left the house. I had not shaved, and had just finished cleaning the house. I was kinda scruffy at best and maybe a little smelly. On my way to my destination, people tended to look at me with disfavor and maybe thought I was a bum or something. I completely understand that since I was maybe a little ripe at the time. No big deal

Thing is, on my way back (now with a little BBQ sauce added to my costume) with a canvas and a sack of paints, people started asking me about what I was working on. Strangers! I had been transformed from a dirt bag to an eccentric artist just because of the things I was carrying. It's like the time I saw a guy in the grocery store with mud sprayed all over his back and thought, "What a shitbag." Later I saw a bike helmet in his cart and knew why he was dirty and why I was a judgmental asshole.


Natalie said...

Why is it you have to be an artist to get away with being a dirty bum. Totally not fair. Everyone should be granted some free bum days now and again.

Michael K said...

I know. We should get little buttons that we can slap on that say "Not a Hobo. Just Lazy." or something that you get to wear like 5 times a year.