Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Got my first root canal today. Kinda sucked. I am in a lot of pain right now because they didn't finish. I got to picture number 3 when it satarted to get real painful again. He didn't want to give me any more anesthetic as he told me that he had given me more than he had ever given to any other patient. This is a problem that runs in my family. The doc decided I had suffered enough for the day and that he wanted to give it a couple of weeks to let it heal a bit. So I still have some nerve tissue in there that is very sore. I asked him for something to take for pain and he said ibuprofen. Ibuprofen for the guy you just had to anesthetize to the legal limit and he was still squirming in the chair? I need REAL drugs pal! Ugh.


kroushlconflict said...

Oh crap, I have to get a root canal in a few weeks. I feel your pain, literally, although my dentist gave me vicodin. Did you cry? You should've cried, it always works.

Michael K said...

I should have cried. Proly would have if I wasn't so mad that he couldn't finish the job. Now, every time I try to eat, my face feels like it is gonna explode. I love to eat. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds.