Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheating on Barack

Me: So... Hey, John. Sorry to hear about your wife's illness. That must be really rough.

Edwards: Why thanks for your kind words, Michael. They are deeply appreciated.

Me: Ya know what? (sliding up behind him)You could proly use a little shoulder rub right about now. Everybody tells me I have magic fingers...

You know where this is going. Up until recently, I (like many others) have been kind of ignoring John Edwards but recent events have made me take a second look. Here's a couple who have had a lot of tragedy in their lives and still have some sense of mission to serve the public even at a time when another tragedy is looming on the horizon. That says a lot about the character of this guy and his wife. Pretty inspirational stuff.


Grant Miller said...

But still, most of the talk last week was about Edwards combing his hair.

Michael K said...

He is a pretty boy.