Friday, March 16, 2007

Up in Plames!

Valerie Plame is pissed! And hot. OK, I admit I got a thing for sexy spies. Who doesn't? I'll tell you who... Karl Rove. That guy is trying to run this lady outta town? What an asshole. Seriously though, she was soooo ready for her testimony and so ready for those that might defame her testimony that I was floored. Having charisma and no substance is something I can ususally see through but this lady totally kicked ass. She's got the substance. If people were just political nerds like me, Karl would be in jail tomorrow.

The Dems are being really aggressive with oversight now that they are in charge of congress but I am hoping that they stick with big issues and don't get too bogged down in petty shit that makes them look vindictive and small. I want this and other cases to serve as an exposure of a pattern of deception by the administration and set up a lot of folks who were complicit for a big fall.

Between this and the Gonzales cover up, I am not sure how the White House is going to get past it. Someone has to go down and that person is going to have to be either Rove or Cheney. My guess is Rove since he can still work for the party and make a nice salary and feed his advice up the chain of command.

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