Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bigger Fish to Fry?

Can we get Scooter a new attorney? I think he is getting bad advice. I know Scooter is no saint and that he is guilty as sin but he was acting on behalf of the Vice President of the United States. It seems that it was quite apparent to the jury in his trial that there should have been a lot of other folks brought to trial in this case. I cannot fathom why Fitzgerald would let Cheney take a pass. I am not a Washington insider but I read a lot of articles and blog entries by people who are and they seem baffled as well.

Cheney was described in no uncertain terms throughout the course of this trial as being the person who directed this leak. It seemed to me that there was more damning evidence against Cheney introduced during this trial than there was against Scooter. Someone please help me understand this. If Fitzgerald is sandbagging a charge for political reasons, I would not be surprized.


Couch Captain said...

I know we're supposed to think Fitzgerald is some boy scout, but do you really think BushCheney would appoint someone who'd really take them to task. It's all a silly dance that will end with a Bush pardon, and think of what they did to Clinton

Michael K said...

The latest news indicates that there would have been a lot fewer prosecutors without bias if the white house had it's way. Check out this article in the post: