Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ad Problems

So I decided to sign up for this ad thing and I am a little disappointed on how it is turning out. I assumed it would be based on some sort of relevancy like the way G-mail uses key words from emails to post links to ads or products I might be interested on the right side of my screen. Problem is that right now there is an ad for Ann Coulter's book and some thing about Jesus. They change from time to time but I HATE Ms. Coulter and I am an atheist so it is a little off putting to have these ads up. any body know of a remedy or a way to have them not at the top of the page? I don't want anybody thinking I am a right winger or a religious zealot.

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Grant Miller said...

I had the problem too, but found the actual AdSense Google page has many more options than the AdSense page that comes with Blogger. That's where I found the code for the column adds I run. As for controlling what Ads pop up, I think that's generally out of your control. But I've noticed if I write about music or sports. I'll have music/sports related ads for a few days. If I write about politics, there's a 50/50 chance an ad for a politician I don't like will come up. Although for most of January, I had an ad for "This American Life" on my page. I was pretty happy with it.