Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 and 2 Please

Most days on the train I read a book but sometimes on the way home I just want to shut my brain off for a little while. A new hobby I have come up with is peering out the window on the blue line and observe the things people do when they are driving that do not encourage safe driving. I figure about 40 percent of the people I viewed were doing things they shouldn't be doing. Here is a short list of the things I have seen:
  • Cell phone use (most common and illegal activity)
  • Talking on phone while gesturing wildly with other hand (Who's got the wheel? No one.)
  • Reading (material usually pressed to steering wheel)
  • Nose picking
  • Smoking with arm hanging out window
  • Talking to person in back seat
  • Trying to get something from back seat
  • Putting on make up
Those are all pretty pedestrian and common. Now for the ones that floored me:
  • Trimming toe nails (foot on steering wheel)
  • Brushing teeth
  • Drinking beer in plain view (someone with a cell phone call a cop please)
  • Passenger giving driver a "noogie"
  • Smoking a joint
  • Taking shirt off
  • Cleaning the car (Armour All-ing the car)
  • Checking their blood sugar
  • Making out
That's just so far this week. I have to say that I am very disappointed that "rocking out" is not on this list. As far as I am concerned that is the only reason to own a car in the city. I mean, it's five o'clock folks - time to "Get the Led out."


Thomas Westgard said...

You left off speeding, but that would be practically every car on the road. With all the jagoffs doing wacky stuff in their car, you need the extra time to avoid them. Just because the other driver was drunk (or whatever) doesn't mean you weren't negligent for speeding or rolling through a stop sign. It usually takes several people screwing up to cause an accident. I'm sure the toe-trimmer will have an explanation why the map-reader is at fault. The map-reader, in turn, will claim to have been cut off by a phone-talker. The phone-talker, if s/he could be found, would blame someone else. None of them will admit that they were all driving 20 mph over the speed limit, and if just one of them had slowed down, they would never have "met."

Michael K said...

I actually rarely see anyone going more than 20 miles an hour since it is rush hour when I am on the train. Maybe the low speed is why these folks feel so comfortable doing stupid things.