Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Final Confrontation

Alderman Joe Moore and opponent Don Gordon were on Chicago Tonight just a few minutes ago and I have to say that Joe made a powerful argument but somehow still came off as being an asshole. He stepped all over Don's speaking time and the moderator let him get away with it. I hate it when a moderator does not do their job. I was pretty disappointed. Phil Ponce should have handled that one instead of the 15th ward debate going on now. He has a lot more control .

In any case, I think that Joe is the man to vote for because he doesn't seem to be as deeply in the pockets of outside influences as Gordon which is amazing considering Joe has been at the job for a long time. Gordon did explain his opinions well but I came away feeling that it is better to stick with Joe for now as he at least has a direction that (if sometimes unpopular) he feels is what the majority of his constituents want.

I think that the blue light cameras scare off business as well as criminals but that's the only thing Don and I seem to agree on. I hate to be a tool but I think I gotta vote for Joe. Again.


Prairie Dawg said...

Not related to your post, but congrats on the new uncle-hood!

Michael K said...

Thanks, Buddy. This lucky number 7 for me... that I know about.