Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gonzales Gets Grilled Updated

Arlen Specter nearly bit Alberto's head off this morning. You do not go in front of the Senate and make smug comments about always being prepared when the reason you're there is because you are a fuck-up.

I expected Arlen Specter to hand Alberto his ass today. I expected Chuck Shumer to shit hammer him. Leahy? Oh, yeah. He has been preparing for this for weeks. But Coburn, Grassley, and Lindsey fucking Graham? I have seen Graham defend some seriously fucked up shit to save Bush's ass and I figured he'd do the same here but I couldn't have been more wrong. He even seemed to be enjoying himself while he handed Gonzo his ass.

I think that the AG is going to keep his job because he went out there today and took the heat for the White House. The only good thing I have ever been able to say about the Bush administration is that they are intensely loyal. Loyal to a fault to be certain but I've always respected loyalty. He got ass reamed so that Karl Rove doesn't have to and I think that Bush will reward that. Unless he resigns on his own, I don't think Bush will ask for it. Maybe that is why the Republican senators were so vicious today. Could be, though it is probably because they deeply resented the idea of using a loophole in the Patriot Act to bypass confirmation hearings.

A special shout out to the guy in the audience who was keeping tally of the number of times "Fredo" said, "I don't recall." At last count it was well over 70 times.


Thomas Westgard said...

The only loyalty coming from the Attorney General I can respect is loyalty to the United States of America. Fredo can take his perjurious defense of our President and shove it up his ass.

That's not loyalty - it's treason.

Grant Miller said...

I still say give him a month or so, wait for things to quiet down or for some other world event to brush it off the frontpage, and he's gone.