Monday, April 02, 2007

Unintelligent Design

Recently, I was turned on to a group of people who call themselves Raelians. Led by their prophet (Rael) they believe that we are the product of aliens blended with primitive Canadians. They make many claims that their religion is based on science. They seem rather harmless but the science they use to support their claims is so suspect that only a primitive Canadian would believe it.

Watch this introductory video into their beliefs and have a good laugh:


Grant Miller said...

Canadians are so cute.

I thought the Raelians committed mass suicide in San Diego in 1998. Or was that someone else?

Thomas Westgard said...

That guy Graham Hancock has written a series of books on archaeology that make really good reading. You can take them as true, or more like novels, but they're interesting. Combine them with Paul Feyerabend's philosophies on scientific process and they become even more interesting.

Not that I believe for a moment that we're descended from aliens, but I think if mainstream scientists can speculate meaninglessly on the nature of human life 100,000 years ago, it's fair for cranks on the outside to propose alternatives. If it makes them happy, why not? If this were music, these guys would be writing twelve-tone works, or something in the style of Philip Glass. I think Philip Glass sounds like shit, but some people like it. For some reason, outlandish musical composers get less flak than outlandish archaeologists. Why?