Thursday, July 12, 2007

Office Spaces

I got moved today. My whole group was moved from the 3rd floor to the 9th. I am now unable to walk the stairs to my office even if I wanted to. The doors only open to the stairwell on my floor. As a person who rides his bike to work often and am sometimes very sweaty, it will mean lots of odd looks from my new elevator buddies. Also, there is always a line of people waiting for the elevator each morning that I have been referring to as "elevator cows" since I started working there. They probably know this and can't wait to kill me.

I also made lots of friends on the 3rd floor. We talked today like we'd still email each other all the time and see each other at the El but I think that is just wishful thinking. I mean, I am going to be on 9! How am I going to be able to see you getting ready to go? Are you going to come up to 9 and ask, "Hey buddy, you ready to go?" I don't think so. Yer gonna start doing that with the guy that took my desk. That short,smelly,dorky asshole doesn't deserve you. Did he bring the 3rd floor doughnuts 3 times in the last six months? NO! He didn't! AND HE NEVER WILL! Sorry, I am a little upset. Excuse me for a sec.


I'm back.

The worst part is that the 9th is a total sausage festival. I used to be surrounded by beautiful ladies (see "Compliments To Sunscreen") and now it's all dudes. Sad, sad, sad.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

At least now you're more likely to have a view. Maybe not the "view" you had on the third floor (of the ladies), but a view nevertheless.

Winter said...

You bring doughnuts?!

I think we may have an opening.

Michael K said...

3rd: I work out by the airport. My view is of a parking garage.

Winter: I don't even eat donuts but they are a great way to make friends for about 20 bucks.

Winter said...

My thighs love doughnuts.