Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bad Medicine

I don't usually watch Dateline as it is generally some of the shittiest, fear mongering journalism on TV. Tonight I was flipping through and the topic caught my interest. I had just finished watching 60 Minutes and their report on pharmaceutical lobbying. Dateline had taken the night off from entrapping pedophiles to run a report on fake drug manufacturing. I had watched a program on this same subject on another program a few weeks ago. As such, I decided to watch.

Now, manufacturing fake medicines can be very dangerous but the experts here in the states they kept interviewing were people who would benefit most from people being frightened to death by fake meds. Who's that? Fucking Pfizer! You see, in the program I watched a few weeks ago, the reporter noted that any respectable pharmacist could easily spot a phony bunch of drugs. In fact that other program noted that unless the pharmacist was actually involved in the scam it would be hard to distribute such pills. I am getting more and more skeptical of the experts as the program goes on.

Near the end of the program, Pfizer marches out the answer. A system that puts a computer chip in each bottle to be able to more easily track the pills. You think that little gadget is going to pump up the cost of the pills? Hells yeah! You think Pfizer and friends are getting a big kick back from the manufacturer of that technology? Fuck yeah! And do you think there is a lobbyist in your representative's office right now trying to make it LAW that these chips be put on every fucking bottle of pills you buy? You got it right, MOTHAFUCKAZ!

Hope you like your drugs expensive and hard to get.


bigsoda said...

Dude... If drugs were cheap and easy to get, they wouldn't get you laid.

Grant Miller said...

Who advertised on the show?

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Man, when I tell my grandparents about this, they'll be so pleased! I mean, meds are just a little too affordable these days.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

i didn't see the program... but i agree... its all about FEAR.

if people took better care of themselves most will never have to take medication of any kind.

my OP is that drugs are used to KEEP you sick... not really cure you. once you start taking them... you'll need others to balance you out.

Beth said...

Tell 'em, Mr. K! I took steroids for a week this spring to fight a horrible staph infection in my sinuses. My body has been so screwed up since then, I've sworn off pharms (except in the life-or-death case, of course). I think drug companies are as evil as insurance companies, and I don't think taking a lot of meds is good for you.

Natalie said...

It's just scary. Damn them all.