Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let's See If We Can Actually Prosecute The Little Worm

His recurring talking points that we'll give them all the information they want when really the White House provides nothing they have asked for and continue to claim they lost things then later that they don't have to turn them over because it is a case of executive privilege. Then they say, "OK you can talk to these folks but only in a sealed hearing with no transcripts and no oaths." And why are they doing it? Not to save their asses but rather to protect the power of the presidency for future administrations. Yeah, right.

Tony Snow said that, " one has laid a glove on him.", while referring to Alberto Gonzales. Well, Tony, get your man ready to get in the ring.

Everybody cross your fingers because if the Solicitor General, Paul Clement, does not feel compelled to appoint a special counsel, all will have been for nothing. other cases in which we have seen people perjure themselves will fall to Gonzales and his cronies who will certainly refuse to prosecute. Ultimately, I think we are looking at a conviction near the end of Bush's term followed by an immediate pardon.


Beth said...

Gawd, I can't wait until Jan. 20, 2009 ...

... or to read how the history books interpret this administration.

Grant Miller said...

Okay okay okay. I know I said awhile back, Gonzo would be gone over Memorial Day. It didn't happen.

I now predict Labor Day weekend.

Michael K said...

Grant, he goes nowhere. Bush will never send this guy home. If he had to send up another guy for approval he'd have to be as liberal as Kucinich to get through. He stays and gets his ass rammed for the rest of GW's term.