Thursday, July 26, 2007


I have been watching the pooch of a friend for the last few days and got back home last night. When I got home, there were a few fruit flies in my apartment. I thought maybe I had forgotten to empty the trash before I left. I looked in the can but there was nothing there. Just a few of them so I figured they just got in through the open window and they'd leave or die when they could find no free meal.

When I got up this morning, they were still buzzing around. They are kind of annoying because they buzz around anything remotely sweet and I had toast with raspberry preserves this morning. Drove me nuts trying to wave them off. They are very persistent and hard to swat.

An hour or so later I got my bike down from the hook and opened my back door. I almost lost my cookies. There is a large gap between my wooden door and my screen door and if I often just leave my trash in the gap for an hour or so til I've finished cleaning the house. Since I use the back door more often than the front, I rarely forget it. But not this time. There were bugs everywhere and now they were swarming into my house.

I have killed dozens of them since I've gotten home but they just keep coming. I have found a cup filled with a sugary liquid and a funnel on top makes a good trap. They get in really easy but can't get out. I have to cover my soda glass and plate with a napkin.

I can't believe there are so many of them. It was just a couple of days. Shit.


Beth said...

Something must be in the air; I suddenly have a bunch of them, too ... because I also left Tuesday's trash bag sitting on the porch. I forgot about the sugary-water-and-funnel trick. Boy, do I have an exciting Friday night planned!

Michael K said...

Good luck, Beth. I spent the whole night dumping them down the drain under very hot water. Let it run for a while or else they might live to come back up the drain. I learned that trick when I was a bartender. Those bastards just love sour beer in the summer.

I was gonna make a dirty joke about the 2 of us having bugs but I'm just not feeling the blue joke today.

Beth said...

Come back and make the dirty joke tomorrow! Saturdays are best for the naughties.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Bugs. I'm not the sort of girl who screams at the sight of them but, man, do they ever make me scrunch my nose.