Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In Case You Missed It

I watched the whole thing. Not a lot of surprises here aside from Dennis' bizarre UFO speech. Obama and Edwards shit hammered Hillary as everyone thought they would. Edwards finally spoke the words everyone has been thinking, "The reason the republicans talk about you so much is because they want to run against you." I hope people start paying attention to this because the only way we can lose the White House right now is if Hillary gets the nomination. I cannot back another loser like Kerry.

Hillary repeatedly kept claiming her husband's experience in office as her own. Obama rightly took her to task for it since they are currently blocking the release of correspondence with her husband while in office both as governor and president. How can you claim that you gained a great deal of experience via your husband's successes and then refuse to release documents that illustrate your involvement in the governing process? Gah.

I was glad that Tim Russert was there because he doesn't let people off the hook very easily. Hillary's talking point responses were frequently irrelevant to the questions being asked and Tim either re-asked the questions or at least made it clear to everyone watching that she was being evasive.

I was a little put off by Richardson's coming to Hillary's rescue though there had been speculation that he'd do so before the debate took place. Rumor has it that he is trying to get a job should she be elected. I got news for you, Bill, she's not getting elected.


santipissed said...

You need a different pan for induction-they are expensive from the big names-less costly pans can be found online-it's all about the magnets.
Am I skirting the issue here?

Chaylene said...

I can't get behind Hilary either. I still don't understand why she's getting such a big push. The Republicans are probably contributing to her campaign (HA!).

If she gets the nomination, who do you think she'll pick for VP?