Monday, October 22, 2007

Republicans Love War

Except Ron Paul but he is actually a Libertarian.

I am guessing that the majority of the people in this audience are not joining the military any time soon and do not have kids serving in Iraq. Ron Paul gets booed for being thoughtful, caring and respecting the wishes of his constituents? What a crock of shit.

Also, plese don't show me any more messages of moms with dead kids who support the war to defend continuing the war. The "My kid died so you have to let more kids die to avenge his death." argument is a total crock of shit. I understand that there are grieving mothers out there who have been sold on the idea that if we don't continue the war then her son died for nothing. They were sold a lie. Their sons died for their country. They did what was asked of them and they marched off to war and fought the way a good soldier does. They upheld their part of the deal. They took responsibility for the contract they signed with their country. We need to be responsible to them now and get them the fuck out of Iraq.

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