Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Can Hardly Sit Still

Larry Craig's entire interview with Matt Lauer will air on NBC tonight at 7 central. I will be camped out in front of my TV practicing my wide stance. It's gonna be awesome! Here's a taste:

In related news, many political shows that I watch have been asking the question, "Why did the GOP abandon this guy so fast?" I think it's because they knew he was gay for a along time and when he got caught they had already long ago decided how they were going to react. There have been rumors about Craig being gay for years.

Another question that has come up several times is, "Why do they abandon Craig and yet Vitter gets away with it?" That answer is quite simple. Craig comes from a state with a republican governor who would appoint a GOP replacement. Louisiana has a democrat governor who would replace Vitter with a democrat. The GOP is not going to call for the head of Vitter regardless of how many whores he gets caught up with.

I gotta get to the store for snacks for tonight's show. I'll post on the festivities tomorrow.

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