Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is This Really The Best They Can Do?

Barack has been criticized for not running a conventional campaign because that is his intent and part of his message. Why doesn't he smear Hillary? He just points out his strengths which shine light on her weakness. Is America ready for a black president? Why not ask whether or not America is ready for another stupid white guy? The GOP can't seem to come up with anything that sticks so they decided to attack his wardrobe. Here's Stephen Colbert's take on the situation:

"I'm wondering what the real message is behind him taking off that pin." Are you fucking kidding me? He just told you. What else could it possibly mean? This got a lot of play on lots of other networks other than FOX too. All on shows where they seem to be handing the nomination to Hillary.

I get queezy every time a right-wing pundit attacks Barack and coronates Hillary. Not only do I not think she can win but also that she just represents the same old shit. The fundraiser at which she invited all of K Street and sat them down with committeemen and women to voice their cause and her defense of lobbyists kind of makes me sick.

You know why Hillary will never remove troops from the Middle East? Cuz she takes money from AIPAC. A lot of money. So does everybody else except Barack and Roberts who both swore not to accept money from PACs. That says a lot about the character of these 2 men. However, Roberts has elected to accept matching federal funds for his campaign which means he will have very little money to spend on the general election. That's why the only real, intelligent choice is Barack Obama. I shouldn't have to mention his appeal to those who want change and his ability to unite people. My mom is a total out there right winger and she is considering voting for him.

Let's drop all this "Inevitability of Hillary" crap and get to work making a real argument for a candidate that can and will win.

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Beth said...

Can you believe all the buzz that missing flag pin is getting? Sheesh.

Great post.