Monday, October 22, 2007

An Open Letter To The Director Of NBC Programming

So far this season of The Office has been less than engrossing. It's hard to put my finger on but things aren't working for me. Here are a list of things I think you need to work on:

  • There is no sexual tension on the show any more. Everyone seems to be in mutually fulfilling relationships. That's nice. Nice and boring. Pam and Jim need to break up immediately.
  • Some of the plot lines have been a little over the top. Dwight's bizarre "Inn" episode was too odd to be believed.
  • You are telling us too much about what happens outside of the office. The great thing about work stories is that you have no idea what lies behind the quirks of your coworkers and speculating on it is funny.
  • Peripheral characters are gettng too much air time. It seems like suddenly everybody wants to be the really funny one. Sometimes a good reaction shot is all that is needed to sell a bit. The confessional booth reactions where they tell everybody why the joke is funny is unnecessary.
  • Over all, it seems that you went and did way too much market resaerch trying to take a good show and increase its appeal. Actually, your marketing, advertising and product placement have gotten way out of control this year. Don't even get me started on Heroes.


Grant Miller said...

I totally, totally agree. I stopped watching.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I couldn't agree more -- got into a conversation on this very topic earlier today, in fact.

It's just not clicking this season. Sure, there have been funny moments... but the whole Pam and Jim thing has been bad for the show's karma.

Suspect whats-her-name (Karen?) will return later this season, though, and the tension will resume.

Beth said...

I've missed nearly every episode this season; Thursday seems to be my most popular night out. So I'm not missing much, huh?

Chaylene said...

I'm going to have to be the lone voice of dissent here.

I'll compare it to Mulder and Scully. I always said, "Once they kiss, the show's over." But then they did (sorta' the movie...damn bees!).

I just wanted to be able to picture them having hot animal sex.

I'm willing to bet Pam's naughty behind closed doors.

I'll stop now.

What I don't like is the fact that all of a sudden, Dwight's getting sympathy. They should have Karen go out on a date with Dwight to make Jim jealous.

Too much?