Friday, November 02, 2007

This Is Becoming A Regular Thing For Me

Dana Perino has become a favorite target for my hatred as of late. It's so easy to take her apart that I almost feel guilty.

The rhetoric coming from the WHite House regarding Mukasey's appointment is a fucking sham. When you can't get a guy to commit to calling an act of torure "illegal" or not you've got a guy that should not be responsible for prosecuting illegal acts. McCain, Warner and Graham should all know that any proposal to legilsate the legality of torure is a waste of time. The last McCain bill to outlaw torure was signed by the president but he also wrote a signing statement that negated the the language in the bill outlawing torture when the president sees fit.

Everybody should stop kissing Karen Hughes' ass as well. She has had absolutely no positive impact as the undersecretary. Since 2000 the U.S. has gone from an approval rating throughout the world that averaged at about 70% to what recent polls show to be about 20% with some countries in the mid-east polling at about 9%. Not entirely her fault to be fair but she didn't seem to help a lot either.

Rumsfeld's comments are just kind of retarded.

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