Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Grow Up Folks

When I hear Tancredo say shit like this, I want to smakc the shit out of him. Doesn't he realize that not so long ago these same excuses were used to keep blacks from serving in the military? Soldiers do as they are told. Period. WIll there be those that feel a little queezy about working with those that are different from themselves? Yes. But letting dinosaurs like these fellas make decisions about civil rights issues is a fucking joke.

If the military is supposed to direct our serving men and women on what proper conduct is, how can we assert that there is something wrong with homosexuals and then send them out into the real world with those prejudices? It is counterproductive to what the U.S. is supposed to be about.

Suck it, Hunter.


Chaylene said...

heh heh heh....he said, "small, tight unit".

Michael K said...

Yeah, I know. That was not lost on me.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Ha! I was going to say something about "small, tight unit" as well.

Guess that means I'll have to take a more "serious" approach instead.

Sadly, some soldiers aren't professional enough to handle working in close parameters with people different from them. But those same people shouldn't be allowed in the military. Point is, the military is desperate for troops, and they're letting in hoards of people they shouldn't -- they've even lowered academic and criminal background standards -- all the while turning their backs on people who want to serve.

That's seriously messed up.