Saturday, November 03, 2007

Please Sprint Faster

The Heritage Foundation. Sounds nice doesn't it? Heritage Foundation. It's about our heritage. It's about the foundation. That's what you build your house on. It's all good. We all need a nice foundation to build our house on so that we can pass on our heritage.

Listen close here, folks. This fucking dipshit is selling torture as freedom. When he says that congress shouldn't interfere with the ability to gather information from known terrorists, he is referring to congress trying to stop the use of torture. What kind of freedom does he want? The freedom to torture people? The freedom to maintain military force in the middle east to intimidate those who control our oil based economy? I am so sick of this fucking neocon bullshit that it makes me want to scream. Aren't neocons supposed to be moralists? How the fuck do they justify this shit? Every time something like this comes out, I want to go out and slap people on the street for no reason. Gah.

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Grant Miller said...

I always thought the Heritage Foundation sounded scary. Only thing is the info they spew is scarier.