Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Ladder Day

See all these mormons? I've got a Church of Jesus Christ and His Ladder Day Saints near me. Dont' ask me what "Ladder Day" is. My guess is it has something to do with climbing to heaven or some hoo-ha like that. Anyway, look at the outifts. They all wear suits every day and on those suit is a name tag like these:

Every day they wear suits and not once have I seen even one of them wear a flag pin on their lapel. They remember to wear their name tags without missing a day but when it comes to sporting a little patriotic reminder of 9/11, they can't be f'n bothered. Seems like maybe we should round up all thes mormons and let them ride their bikes back to wherever they came from. What do you think about that, Mitt Romney?


Grant Miller said...

You know, there was a pretty fierce blogwar involving Coaster Punchman regarding Mormons.

Are you fanning the flames of battle?

Michael K said...

I have a general disdain for religion in general but the mormons are really easy targets when you read about how their religion came to be. Of course, ALL religion sounds cuckoo when you get down to it. Their is all kinds of Dungeons and Dragons stuff in the bible and the Quran (sp?) may is a total f'n mess. Seems that any time Muhammad was caught ina contradiction, an angel would visit him and give him an excuse. This was seen as a sign of his divinity and not of his shammery. Same thing goes with Smith thanks to the Angel "Moroni". Moroni!

Chaylene said...

Mormon boys are HOT!

So much possiblity for corruption. Not enough time.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

Do Mormon boys HAVE to wear 'Garments' too?


Michael K said...

You ladies need to move to Utah and get yourselves a couple of Osmonds.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Boston sure is a long ride. Can't even imagine the chafing, in those suits of theirs.

That said, I don't have a problem with LDS folks. Unless they have a problem with me.

In which case: we'll rumble.