Thursday, June 01, 2006

Metra... The Way to Really Fly

The flying refers to nails. Not six-penny nails you use to secure your roof but rather finger and toe style. I was riding the Metra this morning when I heard an odd clicking noise. At first, I thought it was the ticket puncher of the conductor but as time went on it became obvious that it was coming from elsewhere.

There was a man on the train when I got on that was sitting in his stocking feet reading. His shoes were next to him and his feet were on the neighboring chair. This same man had started to trim his fingernails 10 minutes into the ride. I considered saying something but decided against it as the people next to him had not.

Fast forward five minutes and he has a sock off and is trimming his toe nails on the train. WTF?!!! How does a person justify this? Mind you, he does look middle eastern and may not understand western culture fully, but still.

I had to speak up. I said, "Hey buddy! That is foul! There is a time and place to do that."

He said. "It's something that must be done."

Me, "Of course. It is something that must be done at home in your bathroom. "

At this point my stop is coming up and other people near him start giving him the business so I just get up and walk off giving the offender a knowing look.

Am I an asshole for calling this dude on this? I kind of felt bad for shaming the guy.


DMG said...

Pick up a copy of On the BiLevel. Metra's newspaper. People have kvetched about this before. Join the club, and don't feel so bad.

Thomas Westgard said...

That's funny. Last time I was on the Metra, I was having an interview with a guy who owed my boss money. The fellow had trouble remembering some important details, so my friends and I used pliers to pull his toenails off. His memory improved, but no one else on the car said a single word of complaint.

Michael K said...

Thomas, remind me to never borrow money from your boss... or ride the train with you.

DMG said...

As long as Westergard and his friends clean up the nails, all is fine.

Tracy said...

I saw a WOMAN tweeze her chin whiskers.
Man, that was just too much for my mind to absorb.