Sunday, May 28, 2006

A New Thing

I am moving into a new apartment tomorrow. I am happy to have a private place again but still have reservations. I don't want to be divorced. I miss my lady. This is going to be very hard for me. I keep thinking I'll wake up and all this will have been a bad dream. I wish I could make it all go away but I can't. This is my reality that seems so surreal. That someone I love so much is so far away kills me. My heart is shattered. It is a hard battle to stay strong and I am losing that battle recently. I am working on it though. It's just hard.

I am going back to work in the kitchen. Put a knife and a recipe in my hands and the whole world makes more sense. The work is going to be good. I am respected in the kichen. People know I know how to cook and make sure shit gets done. I am proud that this industry has embraced me. I know that I am not only competent but excellent. All you guys are going to be reading my cook-book one day.

I am going to be quite busy so I may not be posting much. I'll write as soon as I can.

Loves ya,



kroushlconflict said...

I hope that the new job goes well & that things start looking up. Sorry you're going through a tough time, let us know if we can do anything!

edP said...

I hope everything is going well at the new place Michael. I haven't been checking in but know I think about you often

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