Sunday, May 07, 2006

Who is Persecuting the Christians?

A friend of mine has been complaining that the Christians are being persecuted and that it is time they fight back. He claims that America was founded on Christian ideals as seen in many of the documents our founding fathers drafted, including the Declaration of Independence. He believes that the separation of church and state was not an intention of our founding fathers even though they intentionally left out any mention of a creator from the constitution.

He also believes the first amendment should not prevent a Christian version of the preamble from being instituted. It is something that has been tried several times since the Civil War, when Lutheran pastors petitioned the government to change our preamble with the belief that our neglecting to have God in our constitution was why we were being punished with the war. It was rejected but a consolation prize of having "In God We Trust" put on our money was given.

There is a rather large movement going on right now that wants to "stop the persecution." WTF? Don't we all get Christmas off and spring break covers Easter? Mail isn't delivered on Sundays and Catholic kids are excused on Good Friday to go and get ash smeared on their foreheads.

I know there are a few PC zealots who freak out every time that anything remotely religious pops up in a government funded institution but those few instances hardly create an attack on Christianity. Let's face it, if I don't want the 10 commandments on display in a major public building, that's a real case. If I am mad that my co-worker at the post office is hanging up Xmas cards in her cubicle, I'm a dick.

Why does everything have to turn into a polarizing battle? Why must there be a line drawn in which you are evil on that side and good on this side? Isn't it more probable that the people spewing this shit to divide us all into goups are simply serving their own interests? The people who poison us with hate for one another are the real enemy. I have learned to respect my friends' faiths so I wish it would come around that they will respect my need to keep their Jesus out of my government while I keep my government out of their Jesus.


edP said...

I like Mike!

edP said...

The end of your entry sounds like a Reces(sp?) Peanut Butter CUp commercial...

"You got your..."

well, I think you see the point.

Prairie Dawg said...

Hey! Your blog is no longer Fargo-based!

Their fear-based ideology requires an enemy. Only one thing has the potential to motivate as powerfully as fear--and that one thing is something you'll never hear them talk about. How can we love any of them towelheads after what they done to us on 9/11?

If an enemy is not present, one will be invented. I have respect for others' version of Christianity. We all have different styles. I may yet learn something from someone whose faith takes a different face. It can be a tough judgement call to make.

But I cannot respect this polemical, self-congratulatory "Christianity," so eager to politicize itself. You will hear me say, again, that in our culture, worshipping false idols is the one sin that always gets a free pass, and in my opinion, many of these so-called "Christians" worship their own faith. Religion usurps the place of God.

At times, they can have a point. What should anyone care if some town decides they want a nativity scene in the town square for Christmas? Or a courthouse display the ten commandments? There are bigger fish to fry.

But the idea that Christians are "persecuted" (much less the notion that the Book of Genesis is all the science you need to know about our origins) in this country is too laughably idiotic to even argue about.

I'm glad to see liberals proclaiming their faith and getting comfortable in being vocal about it, again.

Michael K said...

I will change the name once I get a new apartment. Probably still in Rogers Park but maybe Edgewater or Evanston.

I don't even think that it is necessarilly in a Christian organization's best interest that they start blurring the line between faith and policy. Wouldn't it weaken the idea of faith if it were mandate? The great thing about this country is freedom. If I am Christian and abortion is available to me but I choose not to do it because of my faith, doesn't that strengthen it? That I can do lots of wicked things that are legal but I choose not to says a lot more about my morals, caharacter, and faith than passing a law that requires me to be in compliance with Christian doctrine. That would make me a law abiding citizen, not a good Christian.

bigsoda said...

I thought this was the "Who is Persecuting Michael McDonald" section... But, it's fitting somehow. On this side of the line are the forces of light, on the other... Michael McDonald!