Monday, May 15, 2006

No Habla Bullshit

I watched our Commander in Chief bullshit his way through yet another presidential address. The most important thing on America's mind today is the war in Iraq and potential violations of privacy via the collection of phone records. So what did he talk about? Immigration reform. It's a "hot button" issue. Not really, but we can pretend it is to avoid dealing with real issues in the mid-term elections Republicans are going to look weak on.

This is a game meant to distract us from a war and a failing economy as well as a policy of deception from this administration.

I keep hearing things from morons like, "The majority who voted should be able to choose what is right and wrong." Uhhhh, wrong. There are three branches to our government for a reason. To prevent the executive and legislative from doing whatever the people (who are not always that sharp in let's say 60's Mississippi) want.

The people have a right to voice their opinion but popular opinion does not and should not direct the judicial body from doing anything other than interpret the constitution and it's ammendments. A fundamentalist or a liberal movement is kept in check by the ideals of our charter. Our charter prevents a religious sect or any other faction from taking our consitution and manhandling however they see fit.

In this case, I see the ideals of our constitution being eroded by the ideals of both parties that want to "protect our borders." This means our southern border with Mexico. The terrorists of 9/11 all came in via Canada if not through legal channels. Those minute/minute men might want to take a minute to decide if they are protecting ourselves from a cheap source of labor that pumps billions into the economy each year or if they are simply afraid that the percentage of white to brown skin is being challenged somehow. It all makes me sick to my stomach. When Bushy spoke that only the learning of English would allow people to go from picking crops to growing them or cleaning rooms to owning them, I wanted to slap him. Where does he get off. There are entire communities in my city that have fewer than 10% English speaking. Those folks own businesses and function just fine.

There is a perception in America that you cannot function without learning the "American Language" which is supposed to be English. Much of the American lexicon is not English at all. It is a language in itself. It has been added to by immigrants throughout history and will continue to evolve. H. L. Mencken's The American Language is proof that the king's english is a joke and that American's have survived and understood each other quite well without a unified language. How the hell did we get along to begin with? We slowly learned and adapted to the ways of the land. Why should that change now?


Thomas Westgard said...

This initiative is an attempt to bait Democrats into a self-destructive position. The same tactic was used with the flag-burning foolishness, and that worked really well. We Dems, or maybe our leadership, handled that like a bunch of idiots, and we rightfully were widely despised for our bungling in handling that situation well. The correct position on divisive things like this is to determine guiding principles and stick by them. This is an opportunity to show that we have principles and a spine.

Maybe Dems have learned something since the flagburning debacle. We'll find out very soon.

Michael K said...

I watched a bit of C-span today (Yes, I am a dork) and there was coverage of a bi-partisan bill in the senate that seems much more reasonable than the one in the congress. I'm hoping that, in the long run, immigrants will start being served by all of this instead of political agendas.

Michael J. Harrington said...

The Chicago Tribune's daily promo email to subscribers yesterday summed up this language issue perfectly.