Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Metra Stories

Another night at Ravinia is over. I am on the train with all the giggling drunk people heading home now. I know they are just having fun but drunken people can be very annoying, especially when you are stone sober. Worse yet, they are getting drunker by the minute. Metra allows people to drink on the train. The gentle swaying and bumps must cause innumerable spills. A girl dumped half a cup of wine in her lap to the great delight of her friends. If this keeps up, I expect the train to reach Tara Reid levels of intoxication by the time we get to Main Street. A guy on the other side of the aisle from me just uncorked a bottle of tequila. I think I may move before the puking begins.

A group of people on the lower level just started blaring music from a radio and started an impromptu karaoke session. This is like a rolling sorority/frat party and the Piano Man is always playing. My stop is approaching. More later.

P.S. The act tonight was The BoDeans. Guess which song they closed with? No surprises here.

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