Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ann Coulter is a Crazy and Dangerous Person

So i heard a lot of things about Ann Coulter's book that seemed too horrifying to believe. I picked up a copy at the library and am working my way through it. So far all claims have been supported. She is so vile and disgusting I do not know that I'll be able to finish the book.

On a related note, the first ting I saw when I turned on the TV this morning 06/06/06 was Ann Coulter on the Today show (I don't usually watch that show.) trying to defend the satatement that the 9/11 widows are millionaires who revel in the deaths of their husbands.

This post will be updated as I work my way through this piece of shit.


kroushlconflict said...

One of the security guards I work with is ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this woman. Don't know how many days have started out with the two of us arguing about her in the teacher's lounge. I finally gave up.

She is scary, but people who worship her are even scarier.

DMG said...

Before you get too worked up, I suggest you read about
'The tall blonde woman in the short skirt with the big mouth'
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Michael K said...

You're probably right. It's just that she is such a scumbag. She once suggested repealing the Emancipation Proclamation. This is why so many minorites distrust or even dislike white people. I sometimes feel like I need to say, "Hey everybody! Not me! I'm not like that crazy racist shitbag. I'm one of the good guys."

DMG said...

I have this image of Coulter starting the morning by giving the "Who Will I Piss Off Today?" Wheel of fortune a spin. Round and round it goes will it be immigramnts, blacks, gays? What she spews, nobody lnows.

Thomas Westgard said...

A Sun-Times columnist said today that saying Ann Coulter is the prettiest conservative columnist is like saying she's the thinnest kid at fat camp.

Thomas Westgard said...

Today's Tribune has a political cartoon depicting Ann Coulter as the Mama Alien from the movies with Sigourney Weaver. Hilarious.