Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What's the Buzz?

I am starting to get settled in my new digs. I have purchased some new furniture and it is starting to feel like home slowly but surely.

The place is a gut rehab which means most everything in the apartment is new. Great appliances, nice finishes, a real nice place. They didn't replace everything however. The buzzer is still from the 70's when the building waqs built. Not a big deal but it got me thinking about something. The buzzer in Laura's and my condo is brand new. Thing is that even though they were made over 30 years apart they both make the same "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" sound. In fact, every apartment I have ever lived in has had the exact same buzzer sound. Whoever is in charge of product development down at the buzzer factory is friggin' asleep at the wheel.

Is it possible that some jackass actually thinks this is the ideal sound for door buzzers? The sound is a mating of a duck call and Fran Dresher's caterwauling. The noise makes every dog in my building bark and startles me. Why can't it just sound like a door bell? I mean, if my computer can let me know when I have mail in a pleasant voice, why can't my doorbell at least go "bing-bong" or some shit like that?


Sheesh said...

I agree! We always tell delivery people that our buzzer is broken so to call when they get there, rather than pushing the button. That only works with about 50% of delivery drivers.

Prairie Dawg said...

Good question. I don't mind when the buzzer buzzes, but why mustthe ringer buzz?

Thomas Westgard said...

What really gets to me is when my spurs go jingle-jangle-jingle.

Sorry. Had to.

Fargo said...

My intercom buzzes inside, but not outside when I'm pushing the button to let people in. Most annoying intercom I've ever had. Usually I'm better off just going to the front door and letting them in.

It's almost as annoying as the ones that are linked to people's phones that either have no instructions on the panel, or have instructions that have long since worn off.