Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Cheney Of Command


The VP and his lawyers have recently decided (I thought that was G-Bushy's job) that he is not part of the Executive Branch of governement and therefor does not have to abide by the same executive secrecy rules that the President does. This is a pretty huge flip-flop as he has been protected in the past claiming executive privelege. The Energy Task Force is one great example. Many folks believe he basically let his oil industry cronies write policy.

Rahm Emanuel has made the argument that if the office of the VP is part of the legislative branch then its funding should be controlled by the purstrings of congress. If his argument holds true he intends to defund the VP's office. I think it is very clever however unlikely.

A more realistic advantage of the the Veep's office being part of the Legislative branch would mean that he could thoretically be brought up on Senatorial ethics charges. It's basically a fucked/fucked situation for Cheney but I believe it is the intention of his office to keep this whole mess in the courts until the curtain closes on this administration.

*Taken from a children's website on the basic structure of our system of government.


Winter said...

You should teach for a living.

Or do you?

Michael K said...

I am not such a good teacher. I am a show you once, show you twice, third time, "I'll do it. Go sit in the corner." kind of teacher. No patience.

Winter said...

See I could have used that.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Cheney honest-to-God scares me. He's concentrated evil, as the Time Bandits would say.

Natalie said...

Cheney is one of the smartest idiots i have ever witnessed do anything. The thing is that people let him have his backwards way.

Grant Miller said...

That children's Web site probably hates freedom.