Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is my first posting. Forgive me if I do not use proper blog etiquette (if there is such thing) as I am new at this. The intention of this blog is to document actions in my Rogers Park neighborhood both positive and negative hopefully to better the neighborhood for all who live here.

Of primary concern are the following:
  • Drug dealers operating with impunity on our streets.
  • The many elder care and health care providers providing real care and being accountable for the actions of their patients. This is directed primarily to a building neighboring mine (Arbour Health Care) that is grossly mismanaged.
  • Holding local government accountable for poor planning such as building the Gateway Center without having buy in from businesses thus creating a massive void in what could be a very prosperous area in the community. I cannot believe that funds for its development were squandered without more private funding.
  • Ensuring the safety of all residents but especially children and the elderly who for the most part have no input as to where they live.
I am of course wiling to discuss all other issues that affect the community and its residents. Once I have the hang of this, I hope to update and add valuable content whenever possible.


james said...


Ever been to your CAPS meeting? If so, was it helpful?

Michael K said...

No. Unfortunatley, I keep rather late hours at work and have never been able to attend. I have sent a few emails asking that meetings be held on weekends rather than weekday evenings but have gotten no response.

Winter said...

Oh wow, so how long did this last?

Michael K said...

Winter: I had forgotten how boring and formal my blog used to be. I actually got a few things done with it. I still do a lot of community stuff but now I keep most of it to myself.

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