Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I have learned that there is a movement to save the Adelphi theater property from being developed. I would like to see this building (at least it's facade) kept intact because I think if it is properly restored it would be a lovely building. However, are we fighting the development here to simply keep the building as is or is there some viable alternative? Is there funding to restore and improve the building to make it a viable business again? I wouldn't want it saved just so it can sit vacant for ten more years like the Uptown only to have millions of dollars spent on keeping it standing without having come up with a use for the space. When it comes to these kinds of projects, many people's hearts get wrapped up in nostalgia. I understand that, but can we get this building swimming again or are we just keeping it from drowning?

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Sheesh said...


Thanks for your willingness to question the naysayers and push for continued, responsible, development in RP.

Thanks, too, for documenting the issues with Arbour House. We have friends in the building next to ours who were upset to hear that we had called the police on some Arbour House residents. Once they saw your compilation of info, they were much more understanding of the issues with which we are dealing.

Keep up the great work! Your blog is a good counter to the conspiracy theorists of "Howard Hell Hole" and "Broken Heart of Poger's Park".