Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There have been a lot of people discussing a new proposal to build what will essentially be a marina "near Loyola" to be called Edgewater Harbor as well as other locations throughout the city to accomodate a desire for more boat slips. Apparently,they are very profitable for the park district. Details seem very hard to get. There was a posting on detailing events at a meeting held on the south side last night.

Although I greatly appreciate that the blogger at this website goes to meetings regularly and reports back with news, I am afraid that he is often moreconcerned with bashing the alderman than communicationg accurate information. According to a person who spoke with a park district official, Joe Moore was made aware that the park district was planning to discuss a marina among other projects but did not work with the park district to develop said plans. The plan is still in its infancy and will probably take a few years to even begin.

I know that not everyone has had the same experience that I have, but I have actually gotten the ward to take care of a few problems for me involving problems with a mismanaged nursing home (read loony bin) that neighbors my building. I think that by acting in a calm, rational manner and asking direct questions while letting them know you plan to document everything (If they call me to tell me what they are going to do, I don't answer and I save the voicemail) you get more results than inflammatory comments. To play devil's advocate for a second, I don't generally believe that the alderman has been malevolent but perhaps simply ineffective in some cases. I think that perhaps he may have an agenda that does not always click with the wants and needs of the community. That said, go ahead and slam me. I can take it.


chocoholic said...
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Tim said...

Whack Whack Back
THINK twice before you bad mouth your teacher online. You might be in for a nasty surprise.
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Gundy said...

Just out of curiousity, what sort of comments are you deleting? Are you getting spam on here, or does it relate to the issues?

Sheesh said...


Blogspot is notorious for spam comments. I would recommend adding the "word verifcation" function for your comments to prevent spam.


Michael K said...

You know, I would add that feature but I hate typing it in on other people's sites. Sometimes they are very hard to read. So far I have only had to delete a few but I might add it if it gets worse.

james said...

I assure you I wasn't just bashing the Alderman. It is unconscionable to suggest that he was not responsible for failing to convey the information only he held in a timely fashion to his constituents.

There are a lot of people who bash people regularly. I am not one of them. The secondary post you saw was another view, and didn't question my statement that your Alderman was aware of the situation. I'll allow that when I asked if they had worked with him on it, their reply of yes was not meant to to say that they co-planned the project. But there was no way to know that, and furthermore it is their job to answer questions accurately.

You said I was "often more concerned about bashing the alderman than communicating accurate information." That is simply untrue. What is true is that this harbor information is available to many, many more people than it was a week ago. That isn't the product of an insidious campaign against any elected official. It is because many people and organizations who should have known about this now do and understand the potential implications of lakefront proposals.

For the record, I think its awesome that you are doing this blog.

"I'll be back."

Michael K said...


My apologies if you were insulted. I think my opinion stems mostly from not yet having had the same experiences as yourself with the ward. They have been very helpful and forthcoming with me thus far. Do I think they are doing a great job in the community? No. They have had some seriously poor judgements, but I don't think they have been dishonest intentionally thus far. I imagine that they are sometimes not as diligent as they could be.

I did notice that the October 20th meeting is posted prominently on the Ward 49 website. Maybe what has happened is that they are finally responding to the hard work all of you have done and I am only seeing the improvements without having a history of previous mistakes.